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Free FB Business Starter Page w/WordPress Site Purchase

Omni-Solutions Tech is offering to build business owners a Free Facebook Business Page with any WordPress hosting and site administration contract “Business Professional Content WordPress Package – #0001” for a limited time. Call now to redeem this offer and use the coupon code AR0045J _ IT Services, Managed Web Services, and Consulting or call (800)…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1053

Omni-Solutions “Tech-Tricks” of the day: It has occurred to us that some of you may not know that your FB Home “News Feed” can be set to show the most recent as opposed to it’s default of “Most Popular” This can be done in the News Feed section on the left side of your FB…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1051

“Tech-Trick” of the day: If you notice that sharing a wall post from someone else’s wall to your own wall opens a FB Captia window and asks you to confirm that your not an internet bot, don’t worry it’s perfectly normal. This is what I was shown and all you have to do is look…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1050

Today’s “Tech Trick” of the day: Some of you have noticed that there is a lot of what is being called “false news reporting” designed to sway the viewer’s opinion one way or the other. This is done on Social Media Networks such as Facebook. Now you may be asking what does this have to…
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How to make a FB Business Page Cover Photo Pt 7.

How to make a FB Business Page Cover Photo: Last time we moved our logo above the dividing line between the digital dark-blue HUD background and the lower light blue fading solid color bottom portion. If you move it down even further you can generate a completely different 3D effect. These are some simple tricks…
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How to make a FB Business Page Cover Photo Pt 6.

If you layer your logo in front of the background you can then move your branding logo to a different place in case a different position makes it look more 3D. This can be very helpful. Anywhere you decide, you can always change it and try it in a new location later as long as…
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How to make a FB Business Page Cover Photo Pt 5.

Your Facebook cover photo has the ability to make or break your facebook business page. We are going to examine several different versions of our cover photo to see what looks best. Here are our requirements 1. Displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide…
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How to make a FB Business Page Cover Photo

How to make a FB Business Page Cover Photo   Today’s installment will show you how to design your Facebook business page’s cover photo to help you in the graphic design work that is coming up. These steps will help you to visualize where your logo should go on the banner. First, we are going…
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The Latest In Facebook AI Fairness

What AI fairness in practice may look like at Facebook With AI on the rise worldwide, Facebook platform users may be experiencing something new when they browse similar platforms The technology industry represents a large portion of the US and world economy. An article from the Facebook AI blog outlines the ethical use of AI…
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“Tech Tricks”: How to Add A FB Business Page Cover Photo Pt 2.

Omni-Solutions Tech Presents “Tech Tricks”: How to Add A FB Business Page Cover Photo Pt 2. In our last post we learned that Facebook recommends a Facebook Business Page “Cover Photo” with the dimensions of 820 by 360 pixels and our recommendation was to create a “slug photo” in your favorite image editor that looks like…
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