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– Custom Software Development, DevOps, and Mobile App Development

In addition to outstanding Website Design and Development, we offer Custom Software Development to enhance your business. We do not outsource to third parties, and we only develop “In-House” as a standard of our commitment to our clients. After a brief information gathering process, we can immediately connect you with our US-based software engineer team where, in a free consultation, we will discuss your needs and determine how to best accomplish them.
We emphasize workflows that provide a clear path to meeting the goals on an expected timeline so that you can meet deadlines and bring your product to market on-time. Here are a few of our ongoing and ever-growing development products and departments you will find when you partner with Omni-Solutions Tech.



We can produce secure, efficient intranet and internet applications to help you manage your business activities and open a volume of vital technologies to your firm. From back-end databases to your business logic and digital structured designs, frameworks, and dashboard APIs, to UI/UX design and ease of access for your user needs, we can help your employees to better collaborate and give the public a range of robust and secure portals for remote management, and up-to-date broad-reaching web browsing access to your online services.


For broader customer access, we can create custom mobile applications with native code. We bring 10+ years of experience to bear with our “in-House”, expert coding talent for the development of mobile-responsive and mobile-ready designs and interfaces for your mobile users to easily use your web-based services and integration.


Using Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET, and C# ( C-sharp ), we can design, and create Custom Windows Desktop Applications for your workplace needs. These native environment running applications have more access to your computer’s resources, in case local file storage and other capabilities are needed.


Our lead application programmer has substantial experience in Aerospace Engineering and other Technical Manufacturing and has developed many Custom Software Solutions to enhance their productivity. Look to our affiliate listings for his development services affiliation as Division Six. The below image shows an example that includes a process called “machine vision” that controls the precise robotic movements and operations of a hardware product.