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IT Services that leverage efficiency and partner with you.

Digital Strategies, IT Services, SaasOps, Web Services, IT Consulting, and Data Governance that resonate brilliance and unlock your potential.


We provide a variety of IT Consulting Services that inspire efficiency and enhance your Digital Workspace to scale up your Technology Infrastructure and Planning.


Expert Web Design/Web Services & Full-Stack Web Development (WebOps), Domain Acquisition, SSL/TLS Certificate Installation, UNIX/RHEL Hosting Solution Plans, Content Updates, Endpoint Security/WAF and Maintenance, Analytics and Reporting, SEO, SaasOps, and Digital Marketing Campaigns are all included with our small business and enterprise service plans.


Comprehensive tiered Tech Support and extensive online knowledgebase articles that are easily searchable and accessible for every level of help and support your professionals need to complete your business goals in the global digital market.


We develop WordPress and other Content Management Systems with unlimited customization possibilities.

WordPress has 35% of the market share of all websites in the world! This is due to its versatility, attention to security, and its adherence to W3C industry standards. It is also the best platform for effective SEO, due to its huge community of development experts and open-source online resources.

What we offer

We integrate experienced Technology Engineering with the latest proven Strategic Digital Trends and establish premier IT Consulting perspectives to design, develop, and maintain quality Managed IT Services for your business’ growth.


IT Consultation is our flagship service. Directing organizations on how to better use ever-changing available technologies are essential to business to stay in the game and keep an edge. We do the research for you and provide a clear affordable path to achieving your business goals using the newest tools in the industry.


Web Hosting is only the most visible public aspect of your firm’s main product. Your customer’s portal to connecting with your business. A means of displaying what you sell and offer that is better than most. But it is also visible to anyone including hackers and bots. Our job is to provide that information safely and consistently amidst the wild west that is the internet. Let us show you how.


As the technology states, we offer the latest in end-to-end data and cybersecurity and then we go a step further just to be sure. Encryption is the name of the game and validation of personal authenticity as the mainstay of getting data to the intended recipient of all proprietary data. That is our goal and we are good at it.


Full-Stack Web Development is the combination of Front-End and Back-End Web Development that immerses our developers in the heart of the codification and construction of all aspects of web development leaving no bounds to what can be done. And our expert UX/UI website and Web App designers create with their eyes and build with their hearts and minds for your ease of access as well as your clients’.


The Secret of Success

Successful entrepreneurs in a study were asked what defining quality they had in common, and it was that every time they fell off the horse, they kept getting back up and persevering. We hold this business truth to be self-evident -and self-preserving. We are where we are because we got back up. There are tricks to making it easier to get back on that horse, and Omni-Solutions will show you what we know and what works.


The space in which you create and conduct organizational work is the company’s temple and should be treated as such. We start with the workspace as it carries importance for your team because this is where your magic is made.


Our analysis of your company’s large data sets provides insight into everything your company does. Extracting that data and presenting it to you in a meaningful and comprehensible way. Big Data is the key to identifying areas that need work.


Our clients realize very quickly that one of our biggest assets is our customer service. We provide specialized training for your personnel to learn the art of the service. Studies show that good customer service is key to client satisfaction which is an area everyone can always improve and we will show you how to exceed expectations. 


If your clients can easily reach you, they can be helped. And when they can access your services easily, they will be more satisfied with that help. We present many options in the latest and most accessible means of contacting you in a growing, changing world of increasingly more technological avenues of communication that help you in doing better business.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Thank you for pushing us when needed and for asking the questions we couldn’t answer. Your leadership allowed for a progressive environment for our team and helped us achieve a great deal in a short period of time!”

Valentina Scibilia

Scibilia Social Media Marketing

I love this place!! Super friendly guys on the phone. Fun-loving and courteous and cheap too!! They set me up for a walk-in for my laptop that would not bring up windows and I thought I would have to trash it but they said because of the error message on my screen that windows 10 just needed a little love is all. They scheduled me and had it ready by that afternoon. They even cleaned out my computer of some adware I didn’t even know I had. Thanks, Omni-Solutions Tech!!

Jesse J.

Company name

“Incredible assistance creating a web site for my business, Omni-Solutions Tech has shown me I have a partner in my business endeavors. I highly recommend this technology firm for their customer service, expertise, and high efficiency.”

Judy Lewis

Rising Moon Affiliates

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Our exploration, discovery, and continually amended technology knowledgebase covers just several of the many fields of advancement in the information technology industry which itself is constantly being updated and expanded. And we continually study legacy and the latest and exciting new developments in the field of computer science which we like to present our findings in our case studies and blog.

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