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About Us

Who Is Our Founder?

The parent company of Omni-Solutions Tech, —Omni-Solutions Technology Consultants, was founded in 2010 by ex-Symantec Enterprise Support Analyst, Adam Rodriguez with the endeavor to provide an IT Consulting firm startup that serviced Consumer as well as Small Business and Enterprise technology needs in a format that engages our clients actively more progressively and inclusively to keep our client partners “in the know” about how the procedures will affect the performance of our client’s products and how technology will enhance the performance of not only the marketing value of their products but how it’s performance can be enhanced through continued and future team-oriented -highly organized workflows incorporating the latest as well as the legacy successful standards learned throughout the entire timeline of effective business models.


After receiving his:

  • CompTIA Help Desk/Desktop Analyst (A+, Network+)
  • Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

….he then put the long training and self-educated expertise to work at the North American Symantec Corporation (now Broadcom Inc.) Enterprise Endpoint Solution Call Center and gained high marks which led to his position as a Senior Analyst.

After experiencing many viral outbreaks, Microsoft compatibility issues, security gaps in various enterprise products, installation and enterprise product testing, and thousands of inbound technical support phone calls, he led the team in troubleshooting Symantec’s remote management console knowledgebase documentation and research.

Next, he worked as a Level 2 Windows Server Support Technician for ServerBeach (now Aptum Technologies) and handled Linux hosting and cloud computing troubleshooting for installed Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server, and UNIX/Linux Operating Systems and 3rd party Web Services applications such as Apache, IIS, SFTP, TLS and soon became a Linux Web Host Server Support Technician as his team received more support tickets for the UNIX based Operating System Images than Windows Server and he was catapulted into the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Web App professional industry as we know it today.

During his stay at ServerBeach (a subsidiary company of Rackspace), Adam decided to take his expertise to the next level and became an entrepreneur creating his own start-up known as Quantumsoft Computing which then grew to become Omni-Solutions Technology Consultants, a newer more capable private agency that handled consumer and small businesses Web Hosting, CMS Development and Helpdesk Support for such affiliates as and Seeds Here Now.

His newest and current company Omni-Solutions Tech brings a level of IT Services and Support that surpasses conventional approaches to the industry and we feel we are at the forefront of our services and our partners, clients, and customer’s experience with an excess of experience needed for this field, and all the latest industry standards and tools to ensure customer satisfaction on all levels of business information technology services.

Adam now holds the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Executive Office (CEO), Senior Front-End Web Engineer, Web Services and WordPress Support and Design Manager, and is the sole founder of Omni-Solutions Tech, LLC. and Omni-Solutions Technology Consultants, LLC., a husband, and father of two wonderful children. He is also a pillar of his community and demands nothing but perfection and precision from all of his many talents and endeavours.

What We Do?

We integrate experienced Technology Engineering with the latest proven Strategic Digital Trends and establish premier IT Consulting perspectives to design, develop and maintain expert quality IT Services for your market growth. Some of our professional training and experience from our experts at Omni-Solution Tech require that we follow strict adherence to our firm’s ethical business model. Some of these requirements include:

  • Investigating, resolving, and foreseeing every possible permutation of any number of outcomes that can occur when using networked legacy and modern information technology devices in a business environment and assuring that every user has the correct and secure level of access to the systems in place and with the expected behavior and data availability in all computer systems. We ensure user experience presents exactly what the systems in your workspace were designed to do and the data they are designed to hold is secure, redundantly backed up, and available when you need it.
  • The training we continuously subject ourselves to along with the prolonged experience we have gathered in the field, in our labs, and in documentation found worldwide provide with the broad reaching knowledge needed to handle the entire spectrum of processes and the eventual issues that arise when using Information Technology in the workplace.
  • Serving as an enhanced form of communication between your end users and your technology we extend and propagate your needs and intentions to your technology as your interpreter, counselor and advisor and interpret your technology’s sometimes cryptic messages to you so you can make better business decisions with the information you need.
  • Determining whether the problem is caused by hardware, client-side system applications or server-side applications, answering questions, applying our knowledge and consultation to your team we handle the need for any research until we find the answers to all your problems. We find omni-solutions to your problems and issues that inevitably arise and we streamline troubleshooting issues online, in-person or over the phone.  Our programmers work to explain the highly organized process of coding software or what the root cause of any errors we find and recommend any changes to internal workflow processes you already have. We perfect the test process of new procedure weather it’s a manual or automated need. Finally we evaluate ease of use and whether a product will aid your users in performing work or hinder their optimum capabilities to successfully perform at the highest efficiency possible. At Omni-Solutions Tech, we leverage efficiency through IT Services and partner with you.