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Your Business Website Built In 3 Days

Reach the future now! Omni-Solutions Tech has the Web Engineers to put up a quality professionally designed CMS basic website within 3 days time, or your money back!! This includes domain transfer/acquisition, the most secure web hosting in the industry, installation of CMS platform (WordPress), Setup, Security Plugin Installation, SSL installation, and Admin account hand-over.…
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Ransomware Alert!!

Alert!! There is a new ransom-ware virus called WannaCry out there and you will need to make sure your Windows Updates are up to date to avoid getting it. Also you should make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus software running as well. This should protect you from the exploit that Microsoft has patched to…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1046

Today’s “Tech-Trick” of the day is about securing your passwords. Are you relying on Chrome to keep them in its memory? What if your computer stops booting up? Well, we are sure you will call Omni-Solutions but if you want to make sure that your passwords for your various logins are safe, we recommend a…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1045

Today’s “Tech-Tricks” of the day is all about device security. The internet is a wonderful tool and free access to information is what we as users demand and I believe we have a right to, but there is also a dark side to the internet. Working at one of the biggest technology security companies in…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1042

“Tech-Trick” of the day: In the old days of Windows XP, you would buy a PC and it would have the Operating System (OS) already freshly installed ready for your first boot up. And you would make an account. This first account created has the almost the same power over the machine as another account…
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