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Month: September 2021

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Grow Your Digital Footprint How You Want

Is your website growing as fast as you want? Omni-Solutions Tech specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as creating a website that is SEO ready. The tools are there, you just have to let us show you how to use them. Call us now for a free consultation: (800) 941-6530

5 Ways to Make Working From Home More Rewarding

How do you make your entrepreneurial workdays more rewarding? No matter how much you love entrepreneurship, the hustle gets a bit dry from time to time. We have ways to spice things up for your business and we don’t mind sharing our proven techniques. Omni-Solutions Tech is here to help you with your home office…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1055

Today’s “Tech_Trick” of the day is: Don’t fix what ain’t broke. If your PC or device is not broken, it’s a good idea to not try and fix “too much”. Sure you can use the thing, but don’t start to fix something in some setting somewhere in the control panel that makes something that is an…
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Cybersecurity Ready For Your Small Business

Cyber attacks can happen to any organization, big or small. The least you can do is make it difficult for the attacker. Omni-Solutions Tech aims to help businesses create a secure foundation for protecting themselves against cyber criminals and provides clients with actionable steps toward making immediate improvements. We encourage you to call us as…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1054

Omni-Solutions “Tech-Trick” is about your dongle. It’s the name of a USB plug in that goes with an external device. Such as a wireless mouse. This is what we are actually going to talk about. The wireless mouse has its benefits, but we are going to go ahead and recommend a reverse tech move here.…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1053

Omni-Solutions “Tech-Tricks” of the day: It has occurred to us that some of you may not know that your FB Home “News Feed” can be set to show the most recent as opposed to it’s default of “Most Popular” This can be done in the News Feed section on the left side of your FB…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1052

“Tech Trick” of the day: If you are noticing that your smart phone is acting a little slow to show different screens or opening apps etc., you might try this little trick. The android OS is a lot like your Microsoft computer’s Operating System (OS) in that it uses memory available to run apps. Sometimes…
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Ransomware Alert!!

Alert!! There is a new ransom-ware virus called WannaCry out there and you will need to make sure your Windows Updates are up to date to avoid getting it. Also you should make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus software running as well. This should protect you from the exploit that Microsoft has patched to…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1051

“Tech-Trick” of the day: If you notice that sharing a wall post from someone else’s wall to your own wall opens a FB Captia window and asks you to confirm that your not an internet bot, don’t worry it’s perfectly normal. This is what I was shown and all you have to do is look…
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