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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1046

Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1046

Today’s “Tech-Trick” of the day is about securing your passwords. Are you relying on Chrome to keep them in its memory? What if your computer stops booting up? Well, we are sure you will call Omni-Solutions but if you want to make sure that your passwords for your various logins are safe, we recommend a somewhat antiquated system.

For things like your bank account online logins, take the information down on a piece of paper and put that in a special folder in your filing cabinet marked “Logins”. This is good practice because even if your device has problems you can use another person’s device to temporarily login to your bank (as long as you don’t let their browser save the login) and you can conduct your important business. Another trick that has helped me personally is a free application called “Password Safe”. You can get it from here:

It allows you to use a master password to unlock all your other passwords and it keeps the database that it makes to keep these passwords 128bit encrypted until you use your master password to unlock it. I use it and I stand by it. There is plenty of information on the application on the site and its easy to install and works for all Windows, androids and for Mac and iPhones.


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