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The Latest In Facebook AI Fairness

The Latest In Facebook AI Fairness

What AI fairness in practice may look like at Facebook

With AI on the rise worldwide, Facebook platform users may be experiencing something new when they browse similar platforms The technology industry represents a large portion of the US and world economy. An article from the Facebook AI blog outlines the ethical use of AI for Facebook and other social media. The article is listed on their site’s blog page as:
What AI fairness in practice looks like at Facebook

The reason this article is relevant is that it talks a bit about the moral implications of the process of allowing AI to produce code for Facebook and we believe it may play a large role in digital marketing. At the same time, if governed ethically we feel this new technology represents some of the highest forms of research in the digital marketing arena when applied to large social media platforms such as Facebook. The miraculous discovery and use of AI can be identified as a major shift in the paradigm of computer development and social media marketing.

We reference this article because the research is being done. Whether you believe it should be done by those who may profit from it or not, the research is being done and for that reason, we will list it as a link and a pointer to the technology that should be kept at the forefront of our knowledge as study and understand the digital marketing frontier and our study of its effects on the digital market and the health of these platforms.