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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1052

“Tech Trick” of the day: If you are noticing that your smart phone is acting a little slow to show different screens or opening apps etc., you might try this little trick. The android OS is a lot like your Microsoft computer’s Operating System (OS) in that it uses memory available to run apps. Sometimes…
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Ransomware Alert!!

Alert!! There is a new ransom-ware virus called WannaCry out there and you will need to make sure your Windows Updates are up to date to avoid getting it. Also you should make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus software running as well. This should protect you from the exploit that Microsoft has patched to…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1051

“Tech-Trick” of the day: If you notice that sharing a wall post from someone else’s wall to your own wall opens a FB Captia window and asks you to confirm that your not an internet bot, don’t worry it’s perfectly normal. This is what I was shown and all you have to do is look…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1050

Today’s “Tech Trick” of the day: Some of you have noticed that there is a lot of what is being called “false news reporting” designed to sway the viewer’s opinion one way or the other. This is done on Social Media Networks such as Facebook. Now you may be asking what does this have to…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1049

“Tech-Trick” of the day: Today we are going to discuss an issue that I actually experienced. On a older computer, I logged into FB, and a window asked me in the top left corner if I wanted to “Allow FB Notifications?” I said No because I didn’t know what it was and I wasn’t sure…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1047

“Tech-Trick” of the day: We here at Omni-Solutions are interested in helping people keep their devices up to date and in working order. Sometimes though our writers for “Tech-Tricks” don’t know what level of technical jargon to use. Sometimes we don’t know what is most needed out there. We at Omni-Solutions need your input. What…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1046

Today’s “Tech-Trick” of the day is about securing your passwords. Are you relying on Chrome to keep them in its memory? What if your computer stops booting up? Well, we are sure you will call Omni-Solutions but if you want to make sure that your passwords for your various logins are safe, we recommend a…
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Omni-Solutions Tech-Trick #1045

Today’s “Tech-Tricks” of the day is all about device security. The internet is a wonderful tool and free access to information is what we as users demand and I believe we have a right to, but there is also a dark side to the internet. Working at one of the biggest technology security companies in…
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