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Omni-Solutions Tech offers our help to Oregon State and Federal Agencies

Omni-Solutions Tech offers our help to Oregon State and Federal Agencies

Screenshot of Oregon Governor Kate Brown's website

On December 17th after hearing about the recent news of this nation’s federal agencies being under cyber attack from abroad, we have contacted our state and federal governments to offer Omni-Solutions Tech’s volunteer help in any to assist in this time of national need. Omni-Solutions Tech’s owner personally offered as many assumed key services we normally provide from his team to let our local and federal government offices know that this is a national issue and we must all pull together to thwart any further loss of our country’s security in the one area of the industry we operate in, cyber security and Web Services. Here is the excerpt from his short and very genuine offer to Oregon’s Governor Office contact message page here:


Message is as follows:

” I am a small business owner who’s business and personal life has been effected by 2020, but I wanted to offer any services I can offer. My expertise is in IT Services, Web Services, cPanel, remote SSH -SSL/TLS encrypted connections to UNIXRHEL//iOS systems and server management. I use AWS, Digital Ocean, Clouds/VM/Docker Images. I am handy, available, and a quick study. Any remote work/help you guys need is yours if you need me. Just say the word. -Adam R., Founder Omni-Solutions Tech( ”

We hope Governor Kate Brown takes our offer to heart and utilizes our offer for the good of our fragile situation. God Speed!  Gov. BrownScreenshot of Oregon Governor Kate Brown's website